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What We Are Looking For

We are looking for a dynamic variety of presentations to meet the diverse needs of the AEA members. Presentation types include panel discussions, expert lectures, roundtables, skill building workshops, and more.

The AEA conference includes a wide range of topics - from evaluation results, to new theories, to practical skill-building for day-to-day practice. Audiences consist of evaluators, evaluation managers, and other stakeholders. To reach that broad audience, strong content should (1) match the title and proposal printed in the program, and (2) follow an action-oriented structure. Structure your content so that it prioritizes the information most relevant for AEA audiences and provides suggested time allotments.

We encourage you to think creatively about your presentations, their design, and format. Please choose the presentation type that best fits your material and utilizes your content in the greatest way. Skill-building workshops, panel discussions, demonstrations, and expert lectures continue to be the most popular session types at the annual conference.